We are excited and delighted with every single project that we participate in. In this section, we want to showcase a few.

Aquarium (1) Aquarium (1)

The Blue Planet (Den Blå Planet)

National Aquarium of Denmark

With thousands of animals and seven million liters of water, the National Aquarium of Denmark, The Blue Planet, is Northern Europe’s largest of its kind.

Fish Fish

In this facility, the Helios UV system disinfects 2.7 million liters of water every hour!

Fish 2 Fish 2
UV System (1) UV System (1)

VIDA project: Removal of off-flavour in farmed fish and saving water (video)


Using ozone and UV in combination (the Martin-concept) to remove geosmin and MIB from aquaculture water. First test at the salmon hatchery on the Baltic island Bornholm.