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The Bizon Project

OxyGuard and Water has officially launched the BIZON project, hosted in Denmark. This ambitious two-year pilot initiative, in collaboration with DTU-Sustain and DanForel...

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Skærmbillede 2024 03 14 111715

RASALT: Ozonation in saltwater RAS

In coorperation with OxyGuard, Danish Technical University and Nordic Kingfish, and funded by Fiskeristyrelsen / EU, Water ApS...

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The Blue Planet: National Aquarium of Denmark

With thousands of animals and seven million liters of water, the National Aquarium of Denmark, The Blue Planet, is Northern Europe’s largest ...

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VIDA: Removal of off-flavour in farmed fish

Using ozone and UV in combination (the Martin-concept) to remove geosmin and MIB from aquaculture water. First test at the salmon ...

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Lanozo (1)

Lanozo: Launch of ozone in freshwater aquaculture

(Danish report). Foam fractionation is often considered an ineffective way of removing organic matter from freshwater due to the low ...

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Ozone dosage in waste water treatments

R&D: The aim of this study was to investigate the ozone dosage required to remove active pharmaceutical ingredients ...

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Katie Ras

Ozonation in recirculated aquaculture systems

R&D: To address the undesired effect of chemotherapeutants in aquaculture, ozone has been suggested as an alternative to ...

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Ozone treatment at freshwater RAS

As part of the ProBiOzon (Protein skimming, biofiltration, ozonation) project in collaboration with the Danish Technical University (DTU) ...

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Background Water Drops (1)

Disinfection by-products in swimming pools

R&D: Formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs) in swimming pools is a known health concem. Due to its efficiency against pathogens ...

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Jupiter ÅL 002

Ozone in eel RAS

At Jupiter ål, Stege in Denmark ozone was installed. A warm freshwater facility located on the beautiful island Møn, in an old sugar beet factory. Small modular 20g ozone ...

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Copepod Research Facility

More info comming soon!