Ozone treatment at freshwater RAS

As part of the ProBiOzon (Protein skimming, biofiltration, ozonation) project in collaboration with the Danish Technical University (DTU), Aquacircle, Dansk Akvakultur, Nr Vium Dambrug, we are delighted to share our latest progress.

A fully transportable ozonation setup has been constructed and placed at Nr Vium Dambrug, a Model 3 fascility (RAS). Disease is a common challenge at such facilities and we expect to showcase the disinfective properties of ozonation water treatment.

2 pairs of fish tanks is filled with "naive" fish, which are fish that haven't been exposed to any natural occuring diseases yet. The first pair of fish tanks are the control, which recieves water directly from the fish fascility. The other pair of fish tanks recieves water from the fascility, that has been treated with ozone and UV. DO, CO2, REDOX, pH is continuously monitored and data stored in the cloud. 

Water and fish samples is analysed for pathogens by DTU.

In due time we will have more updates here.