Ozone in eel RAS

At Jupiter ål, Stege in Denmark ozone was installed. A warm freshwater facility located on the beautiful island Møn, in an old sugar beet factory.

Small modular 20g ozone generators where installed to treat the water. The ozone was dissolved into the water through speece cones, that also worked as an reaction chamber. Due to the capability of an increased pressure in such a cone the solubility of ozone is high, and a high concentration can be reached. 

The ozone dosage was 2g / kg feed.

After the installation there was no longer any detectable off-flavor (e.g. geosmin) in the fish, and only happy customers for the farm. Furthermore, the bacteria Yersinia ruckeri, which is onfurtunately one of the more common harmful bacterias in aquaculture, was luckily no longer detectable. Y. ruckeri is the bacteria known for causing enteric redmouth disease in some species of fish. It is also closely related to the more widely known species, Y. pestis, that is the cause of the bubonic plague.

Thanks to ozone technology, both off-flavor and disease was highly decreased in the facility.

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