Dox© Oxygen Generator with Adsorption Dryer

Water ApS offers oxygen generator based on the PSA technology. The produced oxygen can either be used as feed gas for ozone generation or to enrich water based facilities, e.g. aquaculture with oxygen. This high quality standard oxygen generator operates efficiently for your application with minimum maintenance cost.

Atmospheric air contains dust and water. In order to ensure that oxygen generator performs in its maximum, the need for a clean, dry air has emerged. Water ApS Oxygen Generator features a built in cyclone and adsorption dryer for continuous operation which requires extremely low maintenance.

All oxygen generators are using high-quality compressors supplied by Dürr.

Water ApS offers dew point sensors for residual moisture monitoring, in the range from -80 to 20 °C as well as an continuous oxygen monitoring system supplied by OxyGuard International A/S.

Included in the system

  • Air compressor
  • Cyclone filter with automatic drain
  • Refrigeration/adsorption dryer
  • Prefilter, particle filter
  • Air tank
  • Oxygen generator
  • Oxygen buffer tank
  • Dust filter